The Automobile Sales and Services Solutions on Tally.ERP 9 cover Vehicle Purchase Management, Sales Management, Vehicle Service Management, RTO Module, Job Cards, DMS Integration, Vehicle Insurance Renewal and Payroll tightly integrated with your accounts.

Tally.ERP 9 Readymade Addon Customized Solution
Solution 1 Solution 2
Unified Accounting Groups
General Ledgers/Sub Ledgers
Unlimited Classification of Accounting Masters
User Defined Voucher Types / Classes
Unlimited cost and profit centre
Alteration, Cancellation, Deletion Transactions
Interest Calculation
Multi Currency accounting
Receipt & Payments
Voucher Printing
Cheque Printing
Post Dated Transaction
Receipt Register
Payment Register
Journal Vouchers & Register
Bank Reconciliation
Trial Balance
Profit and Loss Statement
Income and Expenditure Statement
Balance Sheet
Cash/Funds Flow Statement
Ratio Analysis
Consolidation of companies data
Unlimited cost and profit centre
Reminder letters
Post dated cheques
Movement analysis
Area-wise group summary Report
Sales register
Purchase register
Group Summary Report
Price List
Unit of Measure
Stock Categorization
Grouping of Stocks
Location Management
Re- Order Level
Ageing Analysis
Movement Analysis
Physical Stock Register
Stock Transfer
VAT Returns and Annexure
VAT Composite Returns and Annexure
Service Tax
Excise for Traders & Manufacturers
User based Security
Voucher based Security
Voucher security dashboard
Report based Security
Menu based Security
Multi level voucher audit
TallyVault-Encryption of Data
Password policy
Employee Categories
Employee Groups
Employees Details
Definition of Employee Pay Structure
Attendance Management
Promotions and Arrear Calculations
Bonus Calculation
Generation of Payslip
Generation of Pay Sheet, Registers
Integration of Payroll with Accounts
Salary Increments, revision, arrears Calculation
Employee Loans and Advances
Recording of employee Attendance
Attendance Register
Payroll Register
Employee Provident Fund Report
Employee State Insurance Scheme
Gratuity and Professional Tax Report
Provident Fund Reports
Employee State Insurance Reports
Professional Tax Reports
Gratuity Reports
Issuing Income Tax Return ITR-1
Vehicle Purchase Order
Vehicle Receipt Note
Vehicle Purchase
Excel Import for Vehicle Purchase
Record new customer walk-in with complete details.
Inquiry Follow-up
Vehicle exchange details
Vehicle Quotation
Inquiry follow-up SMS
Report with Multi Filter support
Report with graphical view, Export and Email capability
Vehicle Booking
Vehicle Allotment
Booking Follow-up
Booking Transfer
Booking Allotment SMS
Report with Multi Filter support
Report with graphical view, Export and Email capability
Pre Delivery Inspection (PDI)
Inquiry/ Quotation/ Booking tracking
Vehicle Challan & Sales
Expenses Auto Journal
Teflon details for various vehicle
Report with user-defined configuration and Multi Filter support
Report with graphical view, Export and Email capability
Chassis tracking from various report
Auto Journal for RTO and Insurance from Invoice
Insurance premium calculator
Insurance renewal entry
Reports with graphical view
Update Window for RTO/ Insurance
SMS Integration for RTO/ Insurance info to customer
Auto Journal for finance amount from Invoice
Finance details of customer
Invoice and Form-21 with Financer details
Branch Management using Remote Access
Branch Management using Data Synchronization
Central User Management - a boon to Corporate Offices
Branch Management through Multi-Company & Consolidation
Vehicle transfer to sub-dealer
Auto accounting while vehicle transfer
Multi Vehicle invoice to sub-dealer
Interest Calculation
User-defined Job-types
Job card Entry with complete vehicle details
Option to track using customer name, customer code, chassis no, registration no.
Job card Estimates
Spare Issue (duplicate spares validation and Rack/ Bin details)
Labour charges with code
In-house and Outside labour Job
Vehicle Ready process
Job card Billing with auto-tracking of spares and labour
Job card printing with Gate pass
Auto workshop receipt for Job card
Outstanding Reminder if customer have any balance at Job card entry
Auto calculation of VAT and Service Tax
Last service detail of customer in job card creation
Stage master creation
Stage wise job card creation
Service criteria master creation based on No. of days & KM.
Auto calculation of service no . In job card
Complain management system
User Wise Inventory Control
Stage Wise, Mechanic wise spare parts issuing provision
Claim management system (DUE/FOC)
Supervisor / Mechanic management system
Stage wise job card opening closing system
Finally job card close authority
Explanation for stage wise job card closing
Chassis wise warranty spares auto-claim entry
Chassis wise free service coupon auto-claim entry
Customer Ledger and Supplier Ledger
Ledger service Schedule
Vehicle Model
Spare and accessories
Model service details
Price List
Vehicle Purchase and Spare Purchase
Vehicle Sales and Spare Sales
RTO/ Insurance Import
Good life Import
Extended Warranty Report
Financer Import
Teflon import
Reorder level and minimum stock level
Price Level
Multiple Godowns
Multi-Discount management
Order Management
Spare purchase and sales
Rejected inventory in/ out
Track spares location and closing from reports
Auto /Manual BRS
Cheque Book Management
Cheque Printing
Cash/ Cheque Deposit Slip
Payment Advice
Managing monthly purchase register
Reports with Quantity wise / Value wise graph
Inquiry status/ conversion report
Inquiry summary and columnar Register
Sales executive wise Inquiry Register
Quotation status/ conversion report
Quotation Register
Financer wise Quotation register
Booking status and conversion report
Booking summary and columnar register
Model/ Colour/ Salesman wise report
Delivery summary and columnar register
Monthly/ detailed sales register
Broker/ Model/ Financer/ Salesman/ Insurance company wise register
Vehicle Invoice, Gate Pass, VDR, Service schedule, RTO invoice, Sale declaration
Sub-Dealer wise report
WRC report
FORM-19, FORM-20 , FORM-21
Insurance done register
Renewal follow-up report
Party Insurance history
RTO register
Financer wise outstanding with customer details
Financer wise sales report
Financer wise Quotation status report
Sub-dealer wise sales
Sub-dealer wise vehicle stock
Sub-dealer wise commission
Spare sales register
Mechanic wise spare sales report
Movement analysis
Ageing Analysis
Reorder status
Stock Query
Job card Register
Job card Bills Register
Vehicle History
Service Follow-up
Post warranty service
Job card service report
Job card work details
Timing Sheet report for vehicles
Accidental report for vehicles
Washer-man report for vehicles
Service Job cards Update report
Warranty claim report
Service register
Detailed claim register
Under warranty Battery claim report
Mechanic performance report
Paid service report
AMC service report
Company free service report
Privilage service report
Customer database report
DUE / FOC Issued spare report
Stage wise job card dasboard
Party Previous Balance
System Date on Start Up
Address Book with Reminder
Grid Lines in Reports
Standard Narration
Delete Unused Ledgers & Stock Items
Monthly Agewise Outstanding
Voucher Type Security
Voucher Tracking Module
Detailed Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss
Party Reconciliation
Fixed Asset Register Comp/Income Tax Act
Voucher Approval
Customerwise Itemwise Sales Report
Smart Dustbin