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PeopleApex is Best HRMS and HRIS software with all modules. A complete HR software with Payroll Management and all modules with single signon. Peopleapex HRMS is an integrated cloud HR and Payroll software covering complete HR processes. The HRMS software covers entire employee lifecycle from hire to retire functions with robust reporting and dashboards to provide meaningful reports and HR analytics. We offer innovative HR solutions for startups to enterprises. Our simple to use and easy to implement HR and payroll solutions have helped organizations to transform their HR functions digitally in the most simplified way. The industry best-practices are preconfigured in product and the reponsive and intutive HR software helps to drive consumer grade user experience for the users. PeopleApex HR and Payroll Software is adpoted by companies in India and abroad to automate HR processess and we are partners to our clients in their success journey and provide valuable support at all times.

KEY Features:

1) Employee Database Management - Core HR software:

Workforce Management Software:

PeopleApex WorkForce Management helps you effectively organize, customized, record, configure and activate your workforce easily. Effectively manage the full worker lifecycle in one, intuitive system.
Businesses worldwide are shifting towards a more integrated HR and talent stack, to manage the employee lifecycle more smoothly and use data more strategically.
Core HRMS feature by PeopleApex stores all the detailed data about employees, their pay and benefits, compensation history, job history and other essential information helping you get rid of the spreadsheets and other traditional forms of storing data. This data is highly secured and meets all compliance standards making it accessible through role level permissions.
PeopleApex HRIS software helps in efficently recording the employee data and recroding complete HR data online. The SaaS HRIS helps you to get organize bette, Avail a free demo and meet our experts today!

  • Design and create organizational structures
  • Map role based positioning with your current organization structure
  • Provide employees, managers, and executives with an engaging, and consumer-grade experience across all devices.
  • Pre-configured Industry best practices templates helps to define the best practices for your industry
  • Ease to design and customize shifts, for any industry
  • Ability to assign more than one project to an employee
  • Work events can be designed with minimum efforts
  • Proper record keeping of asset allocation to employees
  • Enables with HR managers to quickly take action with smart HR dashboards
  • Ability to upload documents and company policies
  • All essential information storage
  • Easy creation, modification and management
  • Role based access
  • Data security assured
  • Holistic view on Cost Centers
  • Complete employee directory,ability to find employees with Employee ID and Names
  • Ability to display Work anniversaries and Birthdays
  • Enables with HR managers to quickly take action with smart HR dashboards
  • Ability to upload documents and company policies
  • All essential information storage
  • Easy creation, modification and management
  • Role based access
  • Data security assured
  • Holistic view on Cost Centers
  • Complete employee directory,ability to find employees with Employee ID and Names
  • Ability to display Work anniversaries and Birthdays

2) Payroll Management Software:

PeopleApex Payroll is packed with functionalities that enable you to comprehensively, and yet simplistically, handle payroll processing. PeopleApex has multi-country payroll, which helps you in setting-up Payroll foundation, payroll calendar, define pay group master, chart of accounts, create assign and map pay items to GL with tax configurations. Moreover, employees can set-up and key in all their Tax declarations themselves.
Best Payroll Solution

Multi-Country Payroll


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The payroll processing software allows you to create rules that exist in your organization, and define your business logic for Earnings, Deductions, Bonus, Arrears, Leave and Attendance, Taxes, Statutory Requirements and other important areas. The payroll engine is created to compute complex payroll easily, thus providing correct payroll computation and an easy to use. Now automate your Payroll with Best Payroll software-PeopleApex Payroll, Simple to use,Generate Payslips online. Avail a free demo and meet our experts today!

  • Configure payroll as per requirements - monthly / weekly/ bi-weekly
  • Ability to customize your payroll policies
  • Plug and play with robust payroll engine
  • Fully updated with current statutory requirements
  • Integrated with attendance system to process attendance
  • Functionality to Customize payslips
  • Fully integrated with leading banks
  • Ability to define multiple payrolls based on organization needs
  • Predefined pay items based on organization types and country of operation with ability to incorporate client specific pay items.
  • Pre defined Chart of Accounts based on organization types and country of operation, with an ability to changes as per client chart of accounts.
  • Comprehensive coverage of all applicable Tax laws
  • Capture payroll related employee statutory information.
  • Functionality to Customize payslips
  • Country specific bank information for employee pay bank transfer.
  • Payroll Readiness Assessment before payroll processing.
  • Capture employee level exceptional pay items.
  • Capture one time pay items for an employee or for a group of employees.
  • Configurable and flexible formula.
  • Formula Builder feature available.
  • Accurate and faster payroll processing (thousands of records at a time)
  • Enables accounting entry for payroll after payroll is processed.
  • Higher data security with payroll level permissions, employee level permissions.
  • Higher data integrity with audit trails.
  • Online Payslips.
  • Online tax investment declaration by employee and approval by Payroll/HR.
  • Full and Final Settlement.

3) Time & Attendance Management Software:

Tracking time and attendance of the employees are very important, as it forms the basis for many HR activities like Payroll, Administration, and so on. Moreover, it is very important that employees meet the required time schedules. PeopleApex helps you manage your employees' time and attendance data effectively. You can ensure that employees record their work time using employee self-service, while you centrally record the data in the Human Capital Management System.
Recent survey of 500 workers, shows businesses lost $50,000 per year in revenue due to insufficient tracking. In total, “almost 40% of respondents reported never tracking time spent by employees”. With PeopleApex, track exactly how much time your team members are spending on projects with geo-tagging features to make it easy for them to login from anywhere.
PeopleApex attendance management software helps you to manage biometric integration and geo tagging based attendance and get excat attendance and leaves. Mobile App for attendance available. Avail a free demo and meet our experts today!

Features Details
  • Define Leave Types as per Organization policies.
  • Define Leave Rules as per Organization policies on accrual , avail, carry over and approval rules.
  • Configure Applicability for Overtime / Compensatory Off.
  • User can cancel, check balance, history and approval status of leave.
  • Approval of requests by Approver(s).
  • Attendance update on approval of request.
  • Approved request Cancellation.
  • Define Holidays by location.
  • Attendance Integration with Holidays
  • Define Shift and work schedules including weekly offs.
  • Attendance Integration with defined shifts and work schedules.
  • Integration with Biometric/ time capture machines.
  • Geo tagging of attendance for accurate information
  • Attendance sheet for payroll processing
  • Workflow configuration.
  • Empower staff to record their times.
  • Simple approval and archive process.
  • Map shifts and track time on individual projects to ensure efficiency.
  • Analytics to monitor, give feedback and improve productivity.

4) Performance Management Software

Today, companies are far less focused on automating and integrating their talent practices. Instead, they are worried about employee engagement, teamwork, innovation, and collaboration. They want HR tech solutions that are engaging, useful, and productivity-oriented.
Integrated talent management is still important, but it has become a hygiene problem. The real focus is on reinventing how people work; creating team-based tools for goal alignment and coaching; putting in place systems to provide feedback and measure engagement with renewed and laser focus on rethinking the way we measure performance, manage careers, and enable individual learning.
PeopleApex is unique and stays out in this crowd by offering performance management features to measure and reward for performance and skill set.
PeopleApex Performance Management software is a SaaS based Performance Apprisal software. Avail a free demo and meet our experts today!

Features :
  • Define employees performance appraisal cycle as per Organization Policy.
  • Define ratings as per Organization Policy.
  • Define appraisal templates by Grade/Location/Department
  • Ability to define thrust/focus area for the entire organization or selected entities.
  • Ability to define reviewer and approver workflow.
  • Function-wise Goal Repository.
  • Objectives and goals definition by employee and approval by manager.
  • Assigning weightage for goals.
  • Self appraisal by employee
  • Review and approval by manager/as per workflow defined..
  • Ability to do mid year and annual review with rating.

5) Recruitment Software

Online Recruitment Management

PeopleApex Recruitment Software helps you autmate your recruitment management online. Now use the application tracking system to get better insights.
The Recruitment Module is designed to help organizations to effectively streamline their recruitment processes and accomplish the hiring of human resources efficiently.
This module takes into consideration the various stakeholders involved in the process from the recruiters to the hiring managers and the panel for fluid communication.
It’s designed with smooth recruitment flow along with requisition, applicant and interview tracking.
Avail a free demo and meet our experts today!

Hiring Manager
  • Hiring Requisitions.
  • Selection of interview rounds and panel for each round.
  • Specification of skills and proficiency for each vacancy.
  • Setting of target dates.
  • Provisions made to withdraw requisitions.
  • Ability to approve/reject a requisition.
  • Requisition Approval Tracking.
  • Ability to view candidate details.
  • Shortlist candidates shared by recruiter.
  • Recruitment tracking for each requisition.
Recruiter (HR)
  • Tracking requisitions .
  • Ability to re-assign requisition to other recruiters.
  • Profile sharing with hiring manager.
  • Ease in scheduling interviews.
  • Effective candidate tracking.
  • Interview tracking.
  • Provisions made for rescheduling interviews.
  • Recruitment tracking for each requisition.
Panel (Includes Hiring Managers and Recruiters)
  • Easy access to candidate details.
  • View interview schedule for each candidate.
  • Ability to provide feedback and select/reject candidate.
Features in Details
  • Line Managers can directly create request for Hiring to HR.
  • Complete resume management with keyword search.
  • Track real time application status.
  • A consistent and predictable Recruit-to-Hire process.
  • The ‘candidate search option’ can filter search criteria to help pinpoint relevant candidates for a given mandate
  • Track candidates history and status against various positions at different stages of recruitment process.
  • Predefine templates helps HR to create Job posting faster.
  • Reporting on hiring.
  • Application tracking.
  • Interview Management.
  • Offer letter generation.
  • Appointment letter generation.
  • Resume Management.

6) Travel Management Software

Today’s organization wants to streamline and digitize the processes. Companies have separate travel management department which manages the travel requests by employees.
PeopleApex travel management module helps to streamline the process and provides end-to-end travel & expenses management solution, right from travel request to reimbursement settlement.

  • Raising the travel requests.
  • Creating travel request ID’s.
  • Approval for the travel requests.
  • Travel Advances.

  • Claiming the travel expenses with details of expenses .
  • Ability to upload documents.
  • Advance settlements.
  • Reporting.

Companies may choose travel management module for limited employees also. Travel Management digitization helps companies to eliminate the old process of raising request and approval on emails, the module provides better visibility to management on all travel details. Reporting feature provides different reports by employee, by travel ID’s and more.

Features in Details
  • Defining Travel Policy by employment type and grade.
  • Travel Requests.
  • Travel Advance.
  • Approvals.
  • Claiming reimbursement of travel and other expenses.
  • Calculation of travel claims subject to policies defined.

7) Expense Management

All progressive companies provide allowances and expense reimbursement to employees. The HR and accounts department handles the reimbursement process for the expenses made by the employees. The reimbursement process is pre-defined with proper approval process.
Digitization of expense management is a must for companies today. PeopleApex expense management module helps to streamline the process and provides end-to-end expenses management solution, raising expense request to reimbursement settlement.
Expense Management digitization helps companies to eliminate the old process of raising request and approval on emails, the module provides better visibility to management on all expenses claimed. Reporting feature provides different reports by employee, by expense heads and more.

Features in Details
  • Raising the expense requests
  • Approval for the expense requests
  • Advances
  • Claiming the expenses with details
  • Ability to upload documents.
  • Reporting

8) Learning & Development

Learning and development module aims to improve group and individual performance by increasing and honing skills and knowledge.
Learning and development, often called training and development, forms part of an organisation’s talent management strategy and is designed to align group and individual goals and performance with the organisation’s overall vision and goals.
On a practical level, individuals responsible for learning and development must identify skills gaps among groups and teams (often through SMART objectives, one-to-one interviews and performance appraisals) and then finding suitable training to fill these gaps.

Features in Details
  • Training Calendar
  • Training Programs
  • Employee enrollment to the training program
  • Training performance
  • Training Attendance
  • Reports

9) Corporate Professional Wall & Chat

The Wall and Chat module of PeopleApex is a combination of professional and corporate networking with a variety of features. Considering both mid size and large-scale enterprises we have developed an effective communication tool for building relationships not only between employees but across the firm.

  • Wall posting including documents and images
  • Likes and Comments
  • Recognitions
  • Creation of open/closed groups
  • Ability to report inappropriate content
  • Creation of chat
  • Ability to chat with multiple members
  • View online/offline members
  • Ability to track chats
Additional Features for Superadmin
  • Ability to view reported items
  • Send warning regarding report item / delete reported item
  • View all group details open/closed
  • Deactivation of inappropriate groups

10) Chatbot

The progressive advance of technology has seen an increase in businesses moving from traditional to digital platforms to transact with consumers. PeopleApex has implemented Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques on their digital platforms.
PeopleApex chatbot is an automated program that interacts with employees like a human. Chatbots attend to employees at all times of the day and week and are not limited by time or a physical location. This makes it’s a very effective way for workforce engagement in a very cost-effective manner, irrespective of geography and location.
Chatbot can be activated for answering employees’ queries to perform transactions.

Employee Self Service

Employee self-service provides a dashboard for the employees to provide information which is relevant for the employees and helps to act on the go. Employee self-service is a tile based dashboard which can be customized as per company’s requirements.

  • Employee Profile
  • Attendance Dashboard
  • Leave Application
  • Graphical Attendance Display
  • Attendance regularization
  • Graphical Leave Display
  • Payslip view
  • Timesheet
  • Announcements within the Organization Unit
  • Holidays List
  • Work Anniversaries
  • Birthdays Reminders
  • Employee Directory
  • Employee Tax Investment Declarations
  • Peer Calendar
  • Goal setting
  • Self Performance Appraisal

11) Manager Self Service

We understand that managers need to handle a lot of tasks on daily basis, hence we created manager self-service dashboard for the managers to provide information which is relevant for the managers and helps to act on the go. All the approvals from different modules can be managed from Manager self-service. The dashboard of Manager self-service can be customized as per company’s requirements.

Features :
  • Profile
  • My Team Attendance
  • Work Event View
  • Team Time Approval
  • Expense Approval
  • My Requisitions
  • Requisitions for Approval
  • Candidate Interview
  • Candidate Bank
  • My Team View
  • Peer Calendar
  • To-Do List
  • Performance Appraisal

12) Employee On-boarding Software

PeopleApex On boarding software for smoother and faster first days!
PeopleApex on boarding software can help you complete all standard employees on boarding processes and paperwork quickly and smoothly before new hire’s joining date . You can send welcome emails and introduce team members as well, so the new hire don’t feel like stranger on the first day.

Smart Preparations:

Prepare new hire for the first day with all required information like joining formalities, work ethics etc. HR can also get all required information from the new hire like qualifications, work information, family details

Easy Communication:

Peopleapex on boarding software allows you connect with your new hire immediately after he/she is selected and get the offer from recruiter. New hire will get a unique ID and password to access the system and complete all required documentations

Fast Configuration:

Configure all standard HR processes steps for onboarding of a new employee as per company policies and requirements. Assign tasks to concern department and person for completing the formalities with email intimation.

Accurate verification:

All details of new hire will be further verified by HR. This ensures operational level accuracy.

Paperless Process:

This will reduce all tedious paper work and make the first day of new hire easier for HR and candidate. They quickly finish up on boarding and ready to work.

13) Task Management

Manage projects & Timesheets efficiently with PeopleApex Task Management system a very useful tool from our HRMS.
With PeopleApex task management system , you can prioritize your highly important tasks and less important tasks easily. It enhances productivity and help you organize your work efficiently. You can also manage timesheets process. Spend more time in completing tasks not managing them. This one is the highly demanded module in the current work environment in HRMS . This is useful for any size of business.

Create Tasks:

Manage clients, domains projects & tasks all from one system. You can create clients lists and details, domains on which your are working upon, projects and from one tasks. You can have all detailed information about each project and tasks for the same.

Assign Tasks:

You can map tasks for specific projects and assign tasks to your resource(employee). It will give you clear picture of “who is working on what”. Employees will be able to find out what they are going to do and can set their priorities.

Record Task Time:

Employee can record task details with time and can also attach supporting documents. They will be able to send it to multiple recipients like project head, team leader and so on.

Timesheet Management:

Employees can send timesheets for approval and managers can check the progress of tasks at each step. Dynamic reports and analytics.