Overview :

Grow your business using revolutionTally Mobile App for iOS and Android

Biz Analyst Tally mobile app brings real time information & allows you to access your Tally ERP9 data anytime / anywhere. It is securely synced with your Tally ERP9 installation.

Multiple Reports, dashboard and graphs allow you to make decisions in the office, at meetings or out on the road. Biz Analyst is not only for CEO and other senior management of the company but for everyone who uses tally data while on the move.

Just a few clicks on the mobile phone, be it an iPhone or Android platform, you can count on Biz Analyst to give you information you need.

Biz analysis

  Key Benefits :



BizAnalyst is a perfect example of end-to-end encryption in action. The BizAnalyst desktop app syncs the data with Tally ERP9 on your desktop and encrypts to store in on your computer. The BizAnalyst mobile app connects its desktop version and the encrypted data is transferred through cloud to your phone.

Real time

Real Time:

Time is precious and so is updating of data. BizAnalyst mobile app accesses your Tally ERP9 on your desktop in almost real time. Once you set up BizAnalyst desktop app, it syncs with the mobile version automatically to transfer data. That means, you get access to updated data without any manual efforts.

Real time

Works Offline:

Once you transfer data from the BizAnalyst desktop app to mobile app, you can access it without an active internet connection on your mobile device. You only need to connect to the internet, if you wish to update the data by syncing with the desktop app. We agree it’s close to magic!

   Features :



BizAnalyst mobile app lets you view all your receivables and payables at one touch. The app sends you a notification about the bills that are due on the day. You can easily share the complete outstanding of a customer and the list of bills to follow up with the customer. You can view the average payment performance and ageing analysis of customers to know delay in payments and make informed decisions about credit extensions accordingly.


Sales / Purchases:

Get complete Sales / Purchases Reporting from wherever you are with BizAnalyst. You can browse through the voucher details, view items sold by batch/godown, share invoices through email, WhatsApp and more. It also segregates sales analysis data by Ledger Group, Stock Group, Stock Category, Stock Item etc.


Customer Profile:

Know your customers before your plan to do further business with them. BizAnalyst lets you view the profile of customers like average sales, number of invoices, last sale date, average payment performance etc. Moreover, you can also view the entire transaction summary including sales/ purchase/receipts/payments by month, outstanding/pending sales purchase orders and more.


Inventory Item Profile :

BizAnalyst has dived deep into how a business works to offer features that are truly useful to run a business. Additional features include: Sales/Purchase by month for the selected time period, Report of all the customers to whom you sell/purchase the item, Item report to view all the vouchers of the selected stock item, Share list of customers to which the selected item is being sold to/purchased from as PDF and EXCEL.


Inactive Items / Customers

Boost your business with BizAnalyst by your side. View the list of inactive items or dormant customers to increase your business. Follow up with your customers and get them rolling or optimize your stock holding by getting rid of inactive inventory. Share a detailed report with the teams as PDF and EXCEL.



BizAnalyst lets you stay updated on every move in your business. It notifies you every day about your previous day’s sales, purchase, receipts, payments etc. What better way to start your day with!

  Key Reports:

Top Report

Treat the ones on the top! BizAnalyst lets you get reports of top customers (sales), suppliers (purchase), items sold and items purchased. Filter data by top 5, 10, 30, 50, 100 or choose custom time period. Share the reports as Excel or PDF.


Managing a daybook is easier than ever. View all vouchers created during the selected time period or filter by available voucher types. Share daybook report as Excel or PDF.

Ledger Report

With BizAnalyst, ledger reports are in your pocket. Check opening and closing balance for selected ledger and its transactions in selected time period, till transaction details. Share report as PDF, Excel or in text format.

Expense Analysis

BizAnalyst understands that for a business, it is important to keep an eye on expenses. You can view direct/indirect expenses with selected time period and get reports of individual expenses, transactions and other details.

Sales / Purchase Order Analysis

Insights is what drives a business forward. BizAnalyst offers complete sales/purchase order reporting up till the voucher details. You can also view the items ordered by batch and godown. Share the order report through Email, WhatsApp etc.

Multiple companies

With BizAnalyst you can add multiple companies from your Tally ERP9. All you’ve to do is sync the list with Biz Analyst desktop application and connect with the mobile app. You can view each company’s data separately by selecting the company from the menu on the BizAnalyst mobile application.

Dash board:

Business performance Sales, purchase Receipt, payment Cash & bank balance Accounts Receivable & Payable Sales, Purchase orders Filter by Date range

Invoice Detail

  • a) Get detailed invoice
  • b) Share it as a Text, Pdf via WhatsApp, Email, SMS etc
  • c) You can also print the invoice directly from the mobile app


  • a) Share Invoices, Daybook, Outstandings and all Reports
  • b) Share Excel, PDF via WhatsApp, Email, SMS etc
  • c) Or you can Print via a compatible printer


a. Item Wise Stock Summary, Customer & Supplier transactions for the item b. Ledger Wise Transaction Summary, Items sold & Purchased from the party c. Expense analysis d. Top customers, suppliers, items sold and purchased

Profit & Loss

  • a) Know how your business has performed over selected period
  • b) Briefly view Direct & Indirect income & expenses

Multiple Users

a. Add multiple users for a company b. Assign permissions to user by Ledger Group, Stock Group, Voucher Type c. Also permission to access reports and share reports d. Grant administrator privilege for accessing everything

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